Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Four quality blogs I have recently encountered


Tom is also in the orchard restoration game, but at a more professional level than me. Have a look at some of his projects involving seriously overgrown sites. He can also lay hedges and dry stone wall. Skills to pay the bills!


This photography blog is excellent, and the link above should take you straight to the post entitled 'A Fruitful Day' where he has managed to snap two illusive bird species that are real orchard specialists. All the more impressive since he lives in Lancashire, where orchards are pretty thin on the ground.


James Russell has written a book on the history of traditional orchards entitled 'Manmade Eden' - it's on my Christmas list! He is also researching 'The Naked Guide to Cider', 'a quirky and encyclopedic book about cider and the culture surrounding it'.


This diary is written by a keen angler who has some very sensible things to say about the countryside around the river Avon. See if you can find his picture of a stage beetle, it is epic.

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