Friday, July 24, 2009

What's there? What's to be done? A management plan emerges...

This is a satellite photo of the 1940's orchard that I have modified to show the positions and state of the trees more clearly. The numbering is completely arbitrary, but you can see there are 40 standard trees and three rows of bush-stock trees (in the centre). There are also several gaps and two standing dead trees, represented by stars. Yellow is for decrepit trees that have either tipped over, been felled to the base and are resprouting, or have split trunks from excessive regrowth weight. Blue is for the fourteen trees I pruned over this last winter. Tree 40 is haunted.

The larger 1920's orchard with 52 half-standard trees. This orchard is in better condition with only three decrepit trees (9 has a split trunk; 19 is standing dead as well as the un-numbered standing dead tree marked by a star). However, last winter I did not prune any of the trees here. I intend to focus on this older orchard with the grant money over the next two years and hopefully get all 50 remaining trees into good shape. Any gaps will hopefully be replanted too.

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