Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A golden day

Can you belive that I took this photo last week? Amazing Autumn weather. Also, I found this nice website set up be a guy called Neil Phillips. Some excellent photos of more modern orchard setups and older ones. He's also got an interesting project underway recently too which should be interesting to follow...

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  1. Hi Henry. Your blog is fantastic. A great read.
    I do a lot of orchard restoration in Shropshire and up and down the Welsh border. I have a blog (though not as comprehensive as yours) http://tomtheappleman.wordpress.com
    I love restoring old orchards.I find it one of my favourate aspects of the work. More and more people are now coming to appreciate that not all fruit trees and orchards should be managed the way organisations such as the RHS suggest.
    Hopefully that clinical style of management will soon be a thing of the past. (At least for orchards on a garden scale)
    I have a few customers who have really struggled with the whole concept of leaving dead wood on the ground, let alone on trees.
    But even these people are slowy beginning to apreciate it's wildlife value.
    I'll have to pass on your blog details to them for even more encouragement.
    Keep up the good work


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