Monday, February 15, 2010

Victorian orchard masters

Oh what a joy to have been a gentleman fruit grower in Victorian England! My friend has been looking after this tome for her neighbour and let me have a look at it. 'The Fruit Growers Guide', written by John Wright to some three volumes and published in 1892. In time I will show you some of the fascinating details and superb eccentricities of this (very) comprehensive handbook, but first here's a quick peek at a few pages.

There are many of these beautiful painted plates by Miss May Rivers. I've also seen this website where they are selling these pages for £60 a go - but I fear they have been cut out of editions of this book. Antiques shmantiques! Perhaps this pear 'Bergamotte Esperen' in the 'Bergamy' perry pear I bought off Dave Kaspar?

It's full of these beautifully detailed pen and ink drawings of branch structures, grafting and pruning techniques. Such admirable commitment to detail.


  1. That's really kool. I'm a big magners it!

  2. I love these books. Want a set.. The drawings are beautiful and the information is timelss
    Santa please!!!

    BTW this is available as a reprint paperback if someone wants the content.


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