Sunday, March 7, 2010

Victorian orchard eccentricities

Here are a few more gems from "The Fruit Grower's Guide" (by John Wright F.R.H.S.), an utterly comprehensive three volume orcharding bible published in 1892. More specifically they are some of the more bizarre "illustrative diagrams" by Worthington G. Smith and George Shayler. Oh, to have a son and call him Worthington!

A diagram that forces all of us to reconsider how committed we really are to growing fruit. Imagine calling across from your young espalier in the walled garden - "Worthington, any idea where I may have left my Parisian?" And would you even feel worthy enough to wield a Wharncliffe, with it's ivory handle and three blades? They were in another league, those Victorian pruners.

Look at this. It takes my breath away. Was this his first knapsack pump design or do you think it may have been part of a range? Chelsea, Battenberg, Cob (a basic model)... What a man.

No words.

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